The ideas of tomorrow, laid bare at The 3rd Edition of the Economic Times A&D Summit 2015

The Economic Times A&D Summit discusses some of the key topics that are all the rage in architectural circles

In the seeds of today’s ideas lie the roots for a better tomorrow. As we begin to explore and fully leverage ideas such as those behind smart cities, sustainable homes, greener living and much more, the realization begins to dawn that none of this would be possible without the involvement of all stakeholders from beginning to end. Anything else would only result in a half-baked solution.

The Economic Times has always taken pride in India’s accomplishments and have continuously engaged with causes of national development. If India has to join the league of developed nations, one essential aspect will be planning and creation of global cities within India.

There are several stakeholders that will play a key role in the development of this new-look India, such as architects, designers and builders. All of them will bring to the table their unique perspectives, and they need to come together and lay out the vision on moving this industry to a level where India is able to retain its heritage architecture in structures to be built and thereby create an identity of its own on the global platform.

In an effort to bring together these diverse stakeholders, the 3rd edition of the Economic Times A&D Summit 2015, one leg of which will be held in Chennai, will bring together architects, interior designers, landscape architects, consultants & students together on one platform to enable break-thorough discussions & seamless interactions of business communities.

Some of the key topics that will be discussed by panels of eminent speakers are ‘The role of states in aligning Architecture with India’s transformation agenda’ and ‘Residential & Commercial Trends in Architectural Design’. Some of the key attendees include Abhishek Somany (JMD, Somany Ceramics) and Kamal Malik (Principal Architect, Malik Architecture) among several others.

By making a concerted roadmap for Architecture & Design, we can enjoy a better building experience, a superior end result and significant cost savings. The 3rd edition of the Economic Times A&D Summit 2015 looks to do just that by creating a roadmap for the architectural designs of the India of tomorrow.

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