Lightning Partner

“TISVA, inspired by the concepts of ‘TVISA’ (Light) and ‘TATTVA’ (Essence), brings alive the essence of light. TISVA brings you a collection of aesthetic luminaires designed with love for your home. You are invited to indulge your emotions and play with light. Also, brighten your kid’s room with our exciting range of kid’s lights!

Our technology enables you to choose light just as you like it. You can modulate the brightness, adjust the color and hue, from pure white to warm yellow, and for the adventurous, your choice of a vibrant spectrum of colored light.* Our designer home lights can be allied with your choice of lamp technology – from our advanced range of LED PRO or if you wish, the warmth of halogen.**

All TISVA offerings are designed with the highest quality, efficiency and concern for the environment.”

*Available in select models ** Halogen lamps are not offered by TISVA but can be fitted on select models

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