The idea behind it all – The Economic Times A&D Summit 2015 (3rd Edition)

Read on to know more about the concept underlying the Economic Times A&D Summit 2015

The first impression you have of something is often the last impression you have of it. Studies indicate that this impression is formed within the first 7 seconds of an interaction with something, which is why design holds such an important place in our lives. This is as true in the Architecture & Design space as it is elsewhere, with the first impression you have of an edifice perhaps the most lasting one of it.

In a similar way, buildings are products too, just on a much grander scale. Because of the sheer scale of it, the challenges too are much more immense, such as how to plan the structures of tomorrow, or how to do while staying true to our architectural roots. It can force us to think in the most rigorous and creative ways about resource performance.

India holds great potential, but if it is to make the step up to the big leagues in terms of Architecture & Design, we will need to more intelligently plan and create the global, smart cities of tomorrow. The smart city is at the center of all we look to achieve as we move towards a future of advanced and modern urbanisation.

Architects, designers and builders will play a crucial role in this progression and there is a strong need for these stakeholders to come together and lay out the vision on moving this industry to a level where India is able to retain its heritage architecture in structures to be built and thereby create an identity of its own on the global platform.

To this end, the 3rd edition of the Economic Times A&D Summit 2015 will bring together architects, interior designers, landscape architects, consultants & students together on one platform to enable break-thorough discussions & seamless interactions of business communities.

We believe the time has come for India to leverage the existing technological tools to develop new smart cities and transform existing ones, and unleash their true potential as centres of opportunity. In time, we hope that this 3rd edition of the Economic Times Architecture & Design Summit 2015 proves to be the catalyst of change.

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