The underlying concept of A&D Bangalore

August 31, 2015

Read on to know more about the concept underlying the Economic Times A&D Summit 2015 to be held in Bangalore
Much like the city itself, Bangalore’s architectural style is a pot pourri of various cultural styles. Elizabethan palaces, Victorian gardens, Mogul masjids, Dravidian temples and European churches, and sometimes an unabashed blend of all these styles can be seen in one heady mix that is Bangalore. .
With such a wide variety of architectural styles to boast of, it is essential that we plan the structures of tomorrow and create them while staying true to our architectural roots. It can force us to think in the most rigorous and creative ways about utilizing scarce resources in order to get the most out of them.
The 3rd edition of the Economic Times A&D Summit 2015, the final leg of which is to be held in Bangalore, will bring together various stakeholders in the Architecture & Design space and through break-thorough discussions & seamless interactions of business communities, the ET A&D Summit 2015 looks to be the catalyst of growth in the sector.
With several panel discussions, special addresses, practical workshops and student awards in the offing, the 3rd edition of the Economic Times A&D Summit 2015 promises to be a gala, one of its kind event that brings the Architecture & Design community closer together.
We believe the time has come for India to leverage the existing technological tools to develop new smart cities and transform existing ones, and unleash their true potential as centres of opportunity. In time, we hope that this 3rd edition of the Economic Times Architecture & Design Summit 2015 proves to be the catalyst of change.

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