Towards Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Smart Cities

The growth of India’s urban landscape has been phenomenal. Over 30% of all Indians today live in urban areas and experts predict that more than 55% of Indians would be residing in urban areas in 2050.
Let’s be realistic though. If our urban infrastructure cannot absorb migrants, the future would be rather bleak. Even while there is some dissatisfaction towards infrastructure that is creaking at the seams, larger cities are still seen as the golden ticket for many residing in smaller towns. The question then arises, how can we build more enduring, smarter cities?
One of the ideas by the renowned Charles Correa was to develop urban corridors. This was part of a multi-pronged strategy. Just modeling our cities after hypermodern getaways like Dubai or Singapore won’t cut it. Industrialisation and job creation needs to be thought of as well in addition to making livable spaces that appeal across socio-economic classes.
We have been inundated with ideas, technology and advice, but none seem to be fully adapted to work in our unique social and governance context. Do we change the context or the models? Can we generate a model of our own?

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