What’s in store at ET Architecture & Design Summit – Vizag

Want to know more about what to expect at the Economic Times A&D Summit 2015 Vizag edition? Read on.
Vizag’s confluence of architectural styles makes for a fascinating study. This port town and industrial hub boasts a style that straddles the traditional and new-age and it is only fitting that this buzzing city has been chosen as one of the staging grounds for the 3rd Edition of the Economic Times A&D Summit 2015.
Picking up where previous editions of the summit left off, those in attendance will seek to understand how we can continue to make progress on the development front while still staying true to the heritage of our past. The challenges we face are immense, and the only way out is to think of creative solutions relevant to our needs. Through break-thorough discussions & seamless interactions of business communities, the ET A&D Summit 2015 looks to do just that.
India holds great potential, but if it is to make the step up to the big leagues in terms of Architecture & Design, we will need to more intelligently plan and create the global, smart cities of tomorrow. Architects, designers and builders need to come together and lay out the vision on moving this industry to a level where India is able to retain its heritage architecture in structures to be built and thereby create an identity of its own on the global platform.
The summit will also see Abhishek Somany (JMD, Somany Ceramics) make a special address on innovations in the world of ceramic, where he will talk at length about moving beyond conventional norms to the more unconventional.
We believe the time has come for India to leverage the existing technological tools to develop new smart cities and transform existing ones, and unleash their true potential as centres of opportunity. In time, we hope that this 3rd edition of the Economic Times Architecture & Design Summit 2015 proves to be the catalyst of change.
To know more, please visit: http://www.et-ad.com/Edition3-2015/

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