The Economic Times suggests to take up the element of Texture as the main theme in this edition of A&D

Texture is the tactile quality of the surface and as an element can draw us to any work of art. The texture is an element that is felt and experienced in every aspect of our daily lives. From the sheets of our bed, to flooring, to water and soap and towel. Fluffy scrambled eggs, crisp bacon, crunchy toast are all textures we feel in our everyday lives. Visual textures can be explained by the example of smooth leaves and the gnarly bark; the smooth polished car against the bricks of a building.

The present day India requires designs that are utilitarian in nature, suffice to requirements, and create a unique experience for the consumer while crafting an individualistic identity for the nation. Undeniably, the architect fraternity will play a crucial role in building such progressive and relevant well designed structures for the developing India. The Economic Times has always worked for the cause of national development and has constantly reached out to varied industries and verticals with an aspiration of bringing out the best practices that will further the development agenda. With an acknowledgement that the architects & design community will contribute to better India’s position globally, we launched The Economic Times A&D Summit in 2013 as a neutral platform to share ideas, vision and concerns through stimulating discussions that explore future avenues of steady growth. It is now an established forum for the industry leaders over the last two years. The summit brings together 1000+ delegates, 100+ speakers, 50+ partners and media from all over the globe.

After three successful editions, the 4th edition of The Economic Times Architecture & Design Summit will focus on one such discipline of architecture, with Design as its central theme. While the previous editions have been successful platforms to highlight the architects and architecture in India, this edition will see architectural designers as well as designers from various genres talk about designing, its necessity, challenges, national and international trends and impact. Following the format of the previous editions, The Economic Times is looking at five regional summits that will bring to the fore the top designers of national repute from the region. This will lead up to a mega finale in Mumbai that will see the participation of some of the top architects and designers globally. While the event will be dedicated to the discipline of design in the field of architecture, an evening program will see the culmination of designers from all walks to talk about the role and importance of Design.

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