The Economic Times always strives to contribute towards the cause of nation building by creating community led initiatives across industries and segments. In our pursuit to be the creators of values as well as reflectors of the values that each segment is creating and contributing, we take focused approach and steps towards creating these compelling platforms of relevance.

The architecture and design sector is one such area that we are working very closely with. It’s a sector that is ever evolving and takes a more majestic form laden with newer opportunities. Being a creative segment with lots of commercials involved, architecture and design as a segment is both an art and a commerce.

While the segment is ripe with potential, it is also poked with some inherent and latent problems. To begin with, the value chain including the builders, architectures, interior designers, technology solutions providers or materials professions work in silos. Secondly, India, with its diversity, where each state within India has different language, living style, culture, habits and climatic differences, makes it a very complex market. That’s a challenge as well as an opportunity for the A&D community.

This reality necessitates a need to increase the ‘Collision Frequency’, and with this thought as our True North, The Economic Times in its 5th Edition of Architectural and Design Summit strives to bring unique experience to its attendees by providing dynamic yet thought provoking session on the theme ‘’Designing for Diversified India’’ where industry experts would come forward to discuss the key elements that need to be kept in mind while designing a Living space, new product and material entrants in the market. It is an opportunity for participants to share best practices and new ideas in a comfortable, yet focused business setting.

Some Backgrounder

The Economic Times launched Architecture & Design Summit in 2013, bringing together the Architecture & Design professional under one roof. Over the years we have exceled in bringing about a change in the architecture and design sector by focusing on the major trending challenges of the respective year and adopted relevant themes. We have been constantly communicating with the industry leaders and experts and have curated content with the inputs from our panel of advisors and our delegates.

In 2013 we launched the A&D Summit with the theme “Designs matching pace with rapid developments”, and the 2014 edition was themed Tradition and Modernity in Contemporary Practices. These two editions discussed some key topics such as “Synchronizing Architecture and Real Estate for Sustained Growth”, “Blending creativity with sustainability”, “Innovation and Contemporaneity through Tradition & Modernity –A Marriage of Opposites, “The Making of the global Indian cities – creating city identity” etc. The last two editions of the A&D summit were themed “Transformation 2020” in 2015 and “Design and Texture” in 2016. We believe that this metamorphosis makes our content stronger and helps us in creating value for our audiences.

Once again, Economic Times is here with its 5th Edition of Economic Times Architectural and Design Summit with the theme “Designing for Diversified India”

What to look at the A&D Summit?

  • Opportunity to explore the design trends spread across regions pan India
  • Design Talk by leading Architect on imbibing the diversified India through our design
  • An interesting chat Men Vs Women design thinking
  • Opportunity to learn the art of transforming spaces, serving the diversified India
  • Opportunity to enhance your knowledge about the latest products and materials trending in the market
  • Imagination Station: Creativity Lab for Designing Pros
  • Delegate Diary an interesting session that will help them bring views forth
  • The Proceedings of the discussion during the summit will be then presented through a whitepaper post the event that will include the deliberations from the regional events as well