POOL Magazine

POOL is a unique, international design magazine from India. Published by Indi Design, it creates a curated platform for creative inspiration from India. Every issue of POOL brings a unique mix of interviews and talks, with focus on the designer’s entrepreneurial views, socio-cultural and ecological commitment, their participation in the sustainability efforts towards their art, and the likes.

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Creative Ganga – Your Dose of Inspiration

Creative Gaga is a knowledge-rich Indian publication about the best in graphic design, branding, typography, animation, contemporary art, digital art, web design, photography, product design, illustration etc. Unbiased, appreciative and focused, it is about the latest trends in the trade and expert-speak.

‘A dose of Inspiration’ is what each one of us constantly seeks in our lives, isn’t it? Over the years, we’ve realised how the world is full of brilliant minds, sharp ideas and ingenious skill – people who’re finding expression through exquisite design. So we’re just out gathering all that magic in between pages
– Creative Gaga.

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CW Interiors

Established in 2008, CW INTERIORS is the most comprehensive business resource for the interior design and décor segment, reflecting form and function, marrying style and substance, and showcasing inspiration and innovation. This publication by ASAPP INFO GLOBAL GROUP reaches over 200,000 readers, including seasoned and budding architects and designers; builders and developers; and manufacturers and procurers of building materials, helping them make well-informed decisions and expand their creative horizons



ZingyHomes is an online platform for homeowners, architects, interior designers and anyone passionate about designing beautiful spaces. We are an online community where “potential clients” can engage with and find awesome architects and interior designers, contractors, showrooms, products to build their dream spaces. They can share their stories with others and discuss issues related to space design and décor and get suggestions.

ZingyHomes plans to change the game. Architects, interior designers and contractors who have hitherto mainly relied on word of mouth publicity can use the platform to display their portfolios to and engage with their potential customers and in the process build their reputation. Homeowners who have until now banked on advice of family or friends on which architect/interior designer to choose can now do in-depth research online and widen their choice. They can also shortlist products and showrooms from the comforts of their desk instead of having to drive around the city. With this online community, ZingyHomes also plans to sensitize people more towards good design.

ZingyAwards from ZingyHomes would like to change the game and make celebrities (rightful!) out of architects and interior designers who build beautiful spaces for us to live and work in and yet remain faceless for the public at large. Join us in our mission.

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