Indian Designers Association

ADI is committed to promoting best practices in the profession of design in India by strengthening and promoting the capabilities of the Indian design profession, as well as amplifying and presenting a unified voice to influence public policy, shape the industry and benefit the people at large.

The ADI is managed by the National Executive Committee (NEC) who are elected biennially by members. The National Executive Committee is responsible for running ADI, creating regional chapters and elected local Managing Committees, formulating policies and initiating projects to promote design and the interests of its members.

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Architecture and Design Foundation

Architecture and Design Foundation, a first of its kind in India, set up with an idea of documenting and promoting the values of good design and architecture amongst common people. It has been its continuous endeavor to enhance public dialogue and participation in creating better design and architecture, thus help create a better built-environment in our country.

TheArchitecture and Design Foundation is a leading independent centre for arts and architecture. It organizes many programme of talks, events, debates, exhibitions,competitions,film shows,design festivals and other awareness projects. Through numerous outreach programs, grants, and educational resources, Architecture and Design Foundation aims to inspire people to become thoughtful and engaged participant in the making the built environment and the world around them in order to develop a better public understanding and involvement.

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